sábado, 19 de abril de 2014


I just bumped into the marvelous brand LZZR over on twitter and decided to go to their main website. At first I thought I was going to encounter some sort of basic jewelry brand with good things but nothing to go crazy about. But with one glance at the jaw dropping necklaces, I went from interested to obsessed!Not to mention that some profit from their sales goes to the LA Food bank. Fashion with a heart is what we all love nowadays and should love forever.

Most of the pieces are unisex (more like unisexy), and are very wearable. They are minimal in a very stylish and timeless way. I mean, I think I could wear the nail necklace forever and pass it on to my son or daughter or grandchildren or whoever ends up getting all my heritage of fashion. The prices are a bit steep for my pocket, but for anyone with enough dough to get them, definitely should, Because they would be paying for something that is definitely worth it.

But not because I can't purchase them, doesn't mean I can't lust over them. These are my picks for favorite pieces from LZZR. In conclusion the creator, Lizz Roberts, made a collection of both wearable and chic pieces that I can go ahead and love forever from a far. So enjoy and look at the rest of the pieces at their official WEBSITE and if you can purchase a piece of two, please do and send me pictures so I can cry myself to sleep faster.






martes, 15 de abril de 2014


Since I first started getting into the fashion scene, I had been invited by some designers to attend this specific event in Guatemalan Fashion. For some other reasons I had not had the chance to actually go and watch this runway so filled with talent and extravaganza. The setting was gigantic, with more than a thousand people attending the event and many many more watching from outside, this was definitely more than what I had been told before. 

Revista Amiga, has been showing fashion to the people of Guatemala for some time now; in the past, it had been really all about grown women, with recipes and motherly style. Little actual fashion was shown in it; with so much potential and so much resources it just made it one of the most frustrating things in the world. I can actually say that I had never even lifted a single edition without having to work on my gag reflex involuntarily.

However, a few editions from now, it has twisted and turned its own brand.The covers have been better, the talent has been more evident and the recipes... are still there, but hey! To be fair, once in a while we all like to cook something special right?

This year, they went all into fashion. The showmanship was still there, like we're used to and bored of watching. But fashion, style and major trends were celebrated in the best way possible. The setting was perfect for us photographers (they had aid lights when it got dark, THANK YOU!), the designers were marvelous, and the ambiance afterwards was just plain out fun. To say I had a "good" time would be a mistake, because I actually had a blast.

We'll start with the opening designer and one of my ultimate personal favorites, because his vision goes so unaltered and so clean you just can't help but to fall hard for it. I'm talking about MV by Mynor Veliz. I have presented his work before, but he deserves another shot at his current collection.

Glamour and effortless style is something hard to pull off. By minimal and chic details, Amparo Zepeda definitely shows what some designers forget, commercial appeal with sexy fashion statements. Her looks may be a little less extravagant than what we're used to seeing, but her taste is definitely marvelous. Amparo Zepeda's woman is cool and composed.

 This might be the most eclectic brand of all the ones that were showcased on the runway. The styling was very varied and the trends were on point all with a little edge and rocker feel. The man shirts, TO DIE FOR, the women skirts were KILLING and the overall feel of the brand was sick to the bone.

I wish I could continue with this on a super post, but I'll rather present it as a two piece entry, just so you can be ready for more awesomeness from all these Guatemalan designers + some crazy cool hair creations. Don't miss the next one because we'll show Medium, Estilo Quetzal, Eddy Uker and more!

Pd: Special thanks to Mynor Veliz and Monica from 30 something chic, for being so absolutely amazing to me. Also to Ana Gonzalez from medium and Rosa Flores of Lazy cat style for being such cool chicks, if it wasn't for you I would've died of boredom. Last but not least to the Anzueto Sisters from Just Fashionably Depressed and Aimee for being such amazing people. 


lunes, 7 de abril de 2014


 On a hot summer night, in a theater somewhere in guatemala city, a cult of beautiful proportions took place. A gathering to praise and elevate fashion above showmanship; to demonstrate to the public that the mind of Alexander Ayala, has taken form once again before our eyes.

To the sound of M.I.A and other edgy musicians, this Guatemalan designer showed to the audience his latest collection, one that included the purity of white, the sincerity of blue hues and the stubbornness of black. With mullet skirts and crop tops, he hits every high note for this season. The concept of a woman so strong and so sophisticated, yet sexy and confident replaces the idea of the winter helpless chick we had been seeing on other seasons. The lengths of the skirts were up to par to let those legs breathe on this suffocating heath.

 This particular designer has a very keen eye on menswear. Let's be honest, we're all a bit tired of always wearing the same thing over and over again. But for this season, Ayala has found a way to stimulate every fashion nerve on our bodies. Truth be told, some of the pieces are not very ready-to-wear for the everyday male, specially the see-through pieces; but with a lot of care and a little bit of edge most of them could be paired with something else, or even something from the same collection in a very tasteful way. The colors definitely helped to keep this collection on the commercial side, since they are true basics. Which reminds us that something different doesn't necessarily mean Lady Gaga on a Rainbow brite colored pony.

 The one I fell in love with the most, was the very geometrical pull-over in grey and white. Who wouldn't love to have that in their closet? I know I would -hint-

After the amazing presentation hosted by local magazine extraordinaire "THY MAGAZINE", all the guests were invited to have a fruity cocktail and a bite or two of some petite snacks. After lots and lots of hi's and hello's the evening slowly started to get calmer and calmer, but in the air you could still smell all the adrenaline, laughter, booze, friendship and fashion... definitely fashion.

I would like to give a special thank you so very much to the editors of Thy Magazine for their kindness, Alexander Ayala for the invite and every single person that made that evening so awesome. Even though the heat was hardcore, we stayed cool and gathered. 
Until next time!


lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014


If you thought I had forgotten about the boys, you were wrong....you were SO wrong. Men in my country don't take style too seriously, or even a part of their professional life. But men in other parts of the world, such as Europe, do put a little thought on what they wear, even if its just for a little bit; and that thought goes a long way. Nowadays, men need to include fashion and style into their every day life because it has become a key part to ones success, and it shouldn't surprise you, since you have never seen a highly successful guy in rags (except for the ones that turn into hippies).

[Blue hues and denim are your best friends all year round, be sure to pair them with something that stands out, that way you'll look stylish and posh]

So here are a few examples from the same contributor of last time, Edgar Llorden, my amazing AMAZING buddy that keeps on sending me these perfect examples of street style for men. So take a seat and get inspired. And if you start feeling pressured to have a make over or to start dressing up a little bit, then my will has been done. Because a raggedy style doesn't transmit that you're a "mans man" it just says "I'm too lazy to take care of myself" and we don't want the ladies (or gentlemen) to feel that, right?

 [Either looking sharp all in black, or mixing in some earth tones, make sure to make smart choices for the shapes and fits. Oversized coats are not something to be proud of, show your best side and have fun]

 PS: If you see yourself on this post, or someone you know, let me know and I'll link your FB, BLOGS, TW, IG, VINE, YOUTUBE or whatever social network you want in here. Thank you so much for your cooperation boys, you are inspiring people all around the globe with your awesome choices.


miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014


Very often we see street style with people in ludicrous outfits with absolutely no street credit. Most of them depict the same kind of person with an elevated position in fashion or with brand clothing. Magazines show us these images of perfection which most of the time we can't achieve, because at the end of the day, we are regular people, that need to go to school or work in certain outfits. 

We could put the minimum effort on these garments that mean nothing to people without the fashion eye, and just stroll around life like robots, but there's certain people that actually make a difference, by putting thought on their looks and that way inspiring people that probably didn't have the guts to do them themselves. These people are the ones that inspire real fashion, the ones that breathe the trends and exhale style. 

[Sticks and stones may break my bones, but skulls and prints excite me.]

 [Big chunky scarves are amazing complements to a great cold weather outfit, or just to keep your neck warm on those cold summer nights]

 Through these pictures taken by my dear friend Edgar Llorden in finland, we can explore a different kind of street style. One that is very free and careless but nevertheless very stylish and beautiful. For this first post we explore the style of the girls up in there. Sporting current and past trends in the most fashionably possible manner. 

These women extraordinaire, express themselves through clothes and exude only the best vibes in the world. I could say that people like these make the world a better place. So sit, watch, relax and get inspired by them.This first part is women inspiration, but wait until you see part two!

[Awesome boots are always stylish and get the attention, and don't forget to accesorize!]

 [Hats and animal prints are always statement pieces, that can go beyond trends and forecasts, pair them with neutrals and make them the statement piece of your look]

 PS: If you see yourself on this post, or someone you know, let me know and I'll link your FB, BLOGS, TW, IG, VINE, YOUTUBE or whatever social network you want in here. Thank you so much for your cooperation, you truly are the girls of today and the great women of tomorrow. <3


viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014


By now we all have experienced a little bit of the coming season. Sweat running down our backs and making us feel uncomfortable. As jeans go shorter and sandals make their entrance, coats and boots crawl from our floors and into our drawers until next season. Winter is my favorite season, ALWAYS, but I can't fight the weather and as much as I despise the hot days, this year, I'm here with a plan to battle them and conquer their stupid arms.

You see, as much as I would love to wear those trendy amazing shorts to work, I just can't. I have seen myself growing the need for something I can wear to work and then move on to other activities and viceversa. I really wish I could just wear the same suit all year long, but let's face it, not even the manliest man, or the slobiest slob could withstand that.

So here is my guide for the standard and the fashionable man. Here are some options that may or may not be trendy, but certainly give a stylish idea to battle this heat. Weather you go to the office or work from home, you sit around on the weekend or decide to go somewhere else, I certainly hope this helps you.


 Wearing white for s/s is nothing new. But certainly the takes that designers gave to it are something fresh and cool. Spencer Hart gave us a very casual but chic ensemble in here, with some layering but still keeping it lay-back with a pair of tennis shoes. My advice is to keep it simple and well fitted, you can wear something like this to a date for a very nice first impression or out to have some drinks with the guys. The following two looks, the first from Port 1961 and the second from Dolce and Gabbana, give us more a business-related feel, with the inclusion of the double breasted blazer and the shirt without a tie, it certainly screams "I like to dress up but not in a weird way". My advice with these is, try to wear a short sleeved shirt with the blazer and also make sure the lining on it, is not of some lame ass fabric like polyester or viscose or you'll feel like you're inside a roasting machine.


If you're not much of a white kind of guy, you can always go for 50 shades of grey, literally. From almost white, going through concrete and finishing on almost black, the shades of grey are an amazing way of staying on trend and still hitting the notes to relief the heat.
On the first two you can see ready-to-work looks brought to you by Dolce and Gabbana and Emporio Armani, with simple choices you can make a great impression. My advice is to go with the basics and add some pop with grey and another color. Fuchsia made a very good impression this summer, so maybe (if you dare) you can add a little to this grey days look.
Now the other one is a more basic look with the mixture of different shades in one single ensemble which looks very chic and effortless. Z Zegna, shows us that even with the littlest effort we can go a long way.


Now with this trend you need to be VERY CAREFUL, because you don't want to be seen as the crazy flower dude, because no dude wants to be seen that way, right? So with that being said, you can actually wear these prints to the office or even outside and still lead a normal life. Men in the 80's were more daring than men right now, and that's a bit discouraging taking into account that the sense of style and cut is more refined nowadays among designers. The first two options are very casual but avant-garde-ish, because you can easily pair the pieces up with some basics and look very nice. Prada and 3.1 Phillim Lim made it very clear that florals can be worn by the male species without looking like your dad or a crazy motherfucker. Now Dries Van Noten in his collection made florals on a more neutral way, with little to none colours that stood out, definitely made it very wearable, sans the pants, the last look is very cool.
Now my advice is to keep them simple and organic. Florals and leaves are good prints for this season. Fruits and faces are not that much for this season, though I wouldn't promise not to wear a Givenchy F/W 13.


 I know, I know. STRIPES AGAIN. As if we didn't have enough of those in our everyday attire. And, aren't horizontal stripes supposed to make you look fatter? Well to be honest, I think only fat can make you look fatter. But jokes aside, horizontal stripes are actually a good thing for men, they broaden the shoulders and give you a more hunky look. I mean, who doesn't like to look a bit buffer without the pain of the gym? Now, I don't promise huge arms in a heartbeat, but I do tell you, horizontal stripes make you look good. Specially when they are so bold and on-your-face like the ones showed on the pictures above.

On the first two you have an idea on how to include them in your every day look. Either very edgy and, oh yes, printy like the one showed by Moschino, or more muted but still very stylish like the one showed on Wooyoungmi. These two looks are easy to take from the office to something less formal.
Now, the second one is a very regular choice, but still with an edge. The mix of trendy colours and trends definitely give this look an A+ on fashionability. My advice would be to keep them in either one tone, or to combine them. NEVER block them. Pair them up with some basics on the same colours you see on the stripes and damn boy, you'll be dropping some jaws.


Leather has made a comeback for the last seasons, and spring/summer was not the exception. Now I still haven't figured out how to wear leather to the office, except maybe on the details. A soft trimmed leather skinny tie, or leather panels on a shirt, or even a regular motorist jacket when its a little bit cold. But for informal looks, leather is a very good choice. You can either make a statement with a pair of leather shorts like Dsquared2 did for their show or leather pants like Hermès . But why not make it simple and just put on an airy jacket like 3.1 Phillip Lim did on this look. Leather is here to stay. Try to add it to your looks on a very skim way, I don't want you all to roast on summer and then blame me for it.

So here's my guide for S/S 14, there are some options that might be too daring for the common man, but give it a chance! You might surprise everyone with a bold choice and become an icon, or you'll eventually laugh about it on a family year book, the thing is to try them out and enjoy your time doing it. Fashion shouldn't be something to panic about. Just follow these simple steps, and enjoy the ride.